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Haiti: 20 years later the international community follows the same path that led the country to its current tragedy

CARICOM proposes a Provisional Presidential Council with 7 members from different political groups and that all members of this Council agree with a "non-UN" mission approved by the UN Security Council.

New security crisis in Haiti and the construction of the idea of emergency in the international community

International headlines about the invasion of Haiti's National Penitentiary, in an attack attributed to Barbecue's leadership, resulting in the release of more than 3,000 inmates reinforce the idea of absolute chaos and disorder in a Caribbean country of most African descent population.

Haiti is again under international intervention

Brazil assumed the presidency of the United Nations Security Council and immediately approved a Resolution authorizing the deployment of a Kenyan military contingent to support the National Police.

Haiti, hostage of criminal organizations

Haitian authorities have shown signs of weakness before the criminal organizations' military might and the spokespersons of the interim government have called on citizens to defend themselves.

Pathways for Haiti’s development

Co-author Robson Dias da Silva The first Latin American country to become a republic, Haiti is one of the poorest in the world. Nearly two-thirds of its population survives on subsistence agriculture geared to the domestic market.