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Chronicle of an announced suspension

Cuba suspended its United Nations Universal Periodic Review and many of the recommendations made to the State focused on human rights.

Cuba fails again in human rights

In 2018, Cuban authorities noted 18 recommendations related to legislative obstacles. However, these instruments have not yet been ratified.

The strange case of the 9,000 missing dead in Cuba

At the beginning of 2022, the percentage of fully immunized Cubans reached more than 90%. How can we explain that in 2022 there was an excess of between 9,000 and 12,000 deaths?

Cuban foreign policy in the “new Cold War”

Given the international context, Cuba can only align itself with the United States, and not remain in a simple diplomatic alignment, but rather seek economic and political rapprochement.

Cuba: Voting under dictatorship

In a dictatorship, elections serve as an ornament for the formal validation of the authoritarian government.

Cuba: the women prisoners of the dictatorship

Cuban women demand human, civil, and political rights, all kinds of freedom, as well as the end of the absolute governance of the Communist Party of Cuba.