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The pink galaxy is a danger to democracy

The São Paulo Forum and the Puebla Group were protagonists and heirs of the so-called “pink tide” of left-wing governments that spread throughout the region at the beginning of the millennium.

Piñera’s complex legacy and the impulse to the far right in Chile

Two months after the death of former President Piñera, his legacy is a subject of debate. For some, he was a builder of bridges and regional institutions, while others see him as the precursor of the radical populist right in the southern country.

Why does most of the Latin American left support Putin?

In addition to the absolute support of the autocrats Maduro, Díaz-Canel and Ortega to the Russian invasion, the leftist governments of Lula da Silva and Petro have also consented to the invasion of this ultra-right regime.

Puebla Group and Political Reconciliation in Bolivia 

The Puebla Group is wrong to believe that the crisis of progressivism is merely a matter of unity. The crisis has burdens that are leading it to the abyss: its obsession with perpetuation in power and state corruption and inefficiency.

Cuba and China-Vietnam, two socialist economic models: Which is more efficient?

Cuba is experiencing the worst economic and social crisis since the revolution. Why the success of the Sino-Vietnamese model that keeps the Communist Party in power has not been followed by Cuba’s government?

Some reflections on the elections in El Salvador 

The alternative scenarios to republican democracy seem to be clustered in the failed state of Haiti, or in the unpopular autocratic models of the left or in the popular autocratic models of the right, such as El Salvador.