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Fernando Barrientos

Cientista político. Profesor Titular de la Universidad de Guanajuato (México). Doctor en Ciencia Política por la Universidad de Florencia (Italia). Sus áreas de interés son política y elecciones de América Latina y teoría política moderna.

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Is the Mexican Constitution democratic?

Is it convenient to maintain a Constitution that has been systematically patched but without deeply reflecting on its democraticity? Perhaps there is a better time to change it, but neither should we postpone a profound update that really involves the citizenry.

Limits of “just war” and the necessary condemnation

Most Latin American governments opt for silence before the atrocities in other regions, such as the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, either because of the 19th-century "self-determination of peoples" or the fear of being judged internationally by the same yardstick.

Can electronic voting save democracy?

The case of Venezuela is an example that manipulating elections is always feasible, even with electronic ballot boxes.

The new menu of electoral manipulation

As long as state weakness persists and economies do not progress, the region will be condemned to a seesawing between authoritarianism and democracy.