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Expansion of corporate influence on child nutrition policies

In Ecuador, the increasingly close collaboration between the food and beverage industry and the government raises serious concerns about the transparency of policies aimed at addressing chronic child malnutrition.

China and Ecuador: Media Influence of the new FTA

The Ecuadorian government has developed an intense agenda to publicize the key points for the first phase of implementation of the FTA with China.

Would decriminalization of drugs avoid scenarios like the one seen in Ecuador?

Drug decriminalization requires fundamental changes: both guarantees for effective law enforcement and systems of economic and social inclusion.

Why what happened in Ecuador is so serious and must be repudiated

The invasion of the Mexican embassy in Quito by the Ecuadorian police is a violation of the Vienna Convention and a huge setback in international and diplomatic law.

Ecuador: War, Courts and Power

The precarious calm of the country after the decree already gives the president very high support. With a doubled legislative majority, Noboa relaunches neoliberal austerity and the search for mining investments, invoking the costs of peace.

The government of Ecuador declares war on terrorism

A month after Daniel Noboa took office, the latest events of insecurity and violence are testing the president's ability to confront this declared war on organized crime.