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The government of Ecuador declares war on terrorism

A month after Daniel Noboa took office, the latest events of insecurity and violence are testing the president's ability to confront this declared war on organized crime.

Crisis and narcoterrorism in Ecuador: from “good living” to trying to survive

The weakening of the state, the absence of a social safety net and an adverse economic environment have made Ecuador extremely vulnerable to organized crime. The growing presence of drug trafficking has plunged the country into a spiral of violence and instability.

Argentina and Ecuador: two countries, one path

The two countries share a clear tendency to default (non-payment of debts) in economic terms and populism in political terms.

Anti-Correísta vote wins Ecuadorian elections

Daniel Noboa will be the youngest president in Ecuador's history after defeating the candidate of Correísmo.

Ecuador’s Electoral Blow: The Polls Failed

After the first round of elections, the candidate of Correism, Luisa Gonzalez, was the most voted with 33.1% of the votes.

Ecuador, the country I grew up

I grew up in a peaceful country, where there was no fear of going to the polls, where doing politics may not have been the best decision, but it did not cost your life.