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Primary elections

Desire for change is the message of the primary election in Venezuela

The opposition moves to a new phase where, in addition to maintaining enthusiasm, it is necessary to fight for electoral conditions that include lifting the measures against Maria Corina Machado.

Brainstorming in the midst of Argentina’s political storm

Javier Milei, obtained more than seven million votes, which represents 30% of the votes that made him the most voted candidate in the primary elections.

Anti-democracy triumphs in Argentina’s primary elections

Milei's anti-political and populist outlook translates into promises of violence against preconceived enemies.

What is happening in the run-up to the primary elections in Argentina?

One of the conclusions that can be drawn is that political protest seems to have two channels of expression: electoral abstention or the candidate Javier Milei.

The ruling party positions itself in the State of Mexico for the 2024 elections

The common candidacy led by the ruling party Morena won the governorship of the State of Mexico and defeated the PRI-PAN-PRD-NA electoral alliance by more than eight points.

AMLO camouflages the ruling party’s internal election

On June 11, Morena's National Council met in Mexico City to legitimize the mechanism by which the candidate for Presidency will be chosen.