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The falsification of polls is also “fake news”

Latin America will hold six presidential elections in 2024. Along with the votes comes the effort to measure them through polls and to confuse and disorient voters through fake polls that fabricate results intending to shape the electoral mood of citizens.

Deciding by polls: the selection of female presidential candidates in Mexico

The recent internal election process of candidates for the presidency of the ruling party and the opposition coalition was based on polls as the sole selection criterion.

Restrictions and Limitations on Latin American Surveys

Opinion polls are essential as they provide a clear perspective on the pulse of democracy, the impact of campaigns and citizens' priorities.

Ecuador’s Electoral Blow: The Polls Failed

After the first round of elections, the candidate of Correism, Luisa Gonzalez, was the most voted with 33.1% of the votes.

What explains the environmental concern in the region?

Interest in climate change news is higher in Latin America than anywhere else in the world.

Bullying against electoral polls in Guatemala?

In an adverse context for declaring preferences, the OAS report objected to the pollsters' work after their projections turned out to be far from the results.