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Hatred of women in the root of violent extremism

Masculinist groups, boys and men who belittle and hate women based on a misogynistic logic, have conquered spaces in various communication channels and platforms.

New political extremism in Latin America

The most rigorous reflection on the emergence of the new far right rules out the category of fascism to refer to this phenomenon.

Societies in crisis favor extremism and suicide among young people

Coauthors Luís Carlos Petry and André Bakker da Silveira Some children and young people frustrated with their social and emotional conditions, having lost all hope, seek refuge in misogynistic groups that reinforce their feelings.

The role of schools in preventing violent extremism

Violence is a dynamic phenomenon related to the school environment that has long been neglected and underestimated by society and governments.

Using democracy for its own destruction

Today's populist, dictatorial and even tyrannical regimes do not begin their journey with a violent coup but through the ballot box.