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Hatred of women in the root of violent extremism

Masculinist groups, boys and men who belittle and hate women based on a misogynistic logic, have conquered spaces in various communication channels and platforms.

The right to non-motherhood

Non-childbearing is becoming an increasingly common choice, 18% of adult women surveyed globally are childless and do not plan to have children in the future.

Progress and Setbacks to Gender Equality in Argentina

Argentines recognize progress regarding the role of women in the political and labor spheres, however, in the household values, the change has not materialized as quickly.

Guatemala’s elections could give the presidency to another former first lady

Coauthor Carolina Guerrero This Sunday, Guatemala's former first lady, Sandra Torres, could deepen the electoral success of former first ladies in Latin America if she becomes president.

Latin America and Feminist Foreign Policy

The main challenge for Feminist Foreign Policy at this time is to shed the idea that it is synonymous with gender equality policies.

Women’s rights are going backward in the world

The backlash against women's rights is the result of an alliance of heterogeneous groups that include conservative parties and movements, fundamentalist and anti-rights sectors.