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Cuba: the women prisoners of the dictatorship

Cuban women demand human, civil, and political rights, all kinds of freedom, as well as the end of the absolute governance of the Communist Party of Cuba.

The Exclusion of Afro-descendant Women in Latin America

Today is the International Day of of Afro-Latin American, Afro-Caribbean and Diaspora Women. Although the presence of politicians such as Epsy Campbell and Francia Márquez show their growing prominence, the conditions of exclusion, inequality and citizen deficit of these women are multiple.

Yes, migrant women have abortions and their rights matter too

On February 21, 2022, the Constitutional Court of Colombia issued an extraordinary relevant ruling in the fight for the decriminalization of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy (VTP), not only for the local Colombian context, but also for the region.

In Latin America, human trafficking mainly involves the exploitation of women

Understanding the trafficking of women as an expression of gender-based violence is fundamental for the implementation of public policies in the States of origin and destination.

Setbacks in women’s labor force participation in Chile

Coauthor Renata López One of the great challenges for social and economic recovery is to address women's labor rights and for the State to guarantee that we can generate our own income, achieve autonomy and have employment opportunities with safe working conditions.

Negotiators in Mexico should learn from women in Venezuela

Coautor Antulio Rosales Cuando representantes del gobierno de Maduro y de la oposición se encuentran inmersos en un nuevo proceso de diálogo, miles de mujeres, tanto “de la oposición” como identificadas con el “chavismo”, han suscrito un comunicado conjunto exigiendo la despenalización del aborto.