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Spring Meetings: frustrations in four seasons

Despite recognizing the climate concern, the IMF and the World Bank continue to prioritize immediate needs instead of considering the imbalances generated by the oil model in the medium and long term.

Collective solutions for an interconnected world

We are all part of a greater interconnected system and need to frame our problems in real-world contexts. It is all interconnected — the climate, our environments, and our health, nothing can be tackled in isolation. 

Our waste also contributes to climate change

Every day, a Latin American generates around 1 kg of waste. Addressing this problem is not just a matter of improving cleaning and management systems. It is imperative to question consumption patterns and production processes.

We need green areas to withstand heat waves

Coauthor Adán Castro Añorve The world's major cities are experiencing an increase in temperatures due to climate change, the lack of green areas and the heat island effect.

“Heat islands”: a risk for public health

Due to global warming, there is an increase in temperature and heat waves during the summer, rising the number of diseases associated with extreme heat.

A socially constructed water crisis in Uruguay

Coauthor Micaela Trimble Since the end of April, more than half of Uruguayans have faced water problems in quantity and quality.