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Corruption, political scandal and the media

In democratic societies, the role of the media is strategic for understanding corruption, transparency and accountability in politics.

What Putin tells us: Russian media in Latin America

Co-author Johanna Cilano Recently, as a result of the conflict between Russia and the West unleashed by the invasion of Ukraine, the scope of the Russian media as a source of disinformation for the Latin American population has had new milestones and evidentiary elements.

Independent media or journalists facing the war in Ukraine?

If what we are looking for is an authentic editorial independence, it will be easier to find it among journalists rather than in the media.

“Special operation in Ukraine”: disinformation and censorship in Latin America

YouTube's channels and Facebook profiles of Russian-funded media outlets such as Sputnik Mundo and RT en Español, including Ahí les va, have been blocked in Latin America.

Big lies are imposed through the mass media

Recently former President Trump abruptly ended an interview after being asked about his "big lie" that the 2020 election was "rigged" against him. This did nothing but amplify his propaganda.

Polling errors, media and democracy in Brazil

In the field of public opinion in Latin America there is a media embargo on the publication of opinion polls. This exclusivity is not based on criteria of quality or predictability, since in many cases the most recent pollsters have shown better results than the traditional ones.