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Misery of Information

It is important to avoid superficial instrumentalism that promotes technological innovations in the digital era and instead focus on the political and economic factors shaping the dominant mode of information production.

Mexico: falsehood is a constant in the debates

Mexico: falsehood is a constant in the debates

The impact of AI on democratic politics: risk or opportunity?

There are many challenges in integrating artificial intelligence into institutional processes and political engineering, and there is no consensus on its advantages. This double reading will condition innovations and fuel demands for external regulation.

Iran’s ambitions in Latin America

HispanTV has been identified as a propaganda tool of the Iranian regime and criticized for disseminating disinformation. However, the alternative approach it offers to international reality has managed to connect with broad sectors of the Latin American left.

Latin America in the face of climate change

The synergy between collective awareness and concrete political action is emerging as one of the keys to effectively addressing environmental challenges, aiming to mitigate their adverse effects and promote sustainable development.

Disinformation as a global risk in 2024: novelty or tradition?   

The phenomenon of disinformation is nothing new. What distinguishes it today is the omnipresent presence of the Internet and social networks, which have radically transformed the way we access information.