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Fake news

The falsification of polls is also “fake news”

Latin America will hold six presidential elections in 2024. Along with the votes comes the effort to measure them through polls and to confuse and disorient voters through fake polls that fabricate results intending to shape the electoral mood of citizens.

Consequences of Disinformation in Society

Disinformation is a central issue for people, and can even have implications for physical health.

Fox News — Dominion: Consequences of disinformation in electoral processes

Fraud is one of the most attractive and harmful narratives in the context of electoral processes.

Team Jorge and the Israeli disinformation industry in Latin America

The team of digital mercenaries "Team Jorge" claims to have carried out influence operations in 33 electoral processes around the world

Appearances in the Post-Truth Era

Misinformation is so old that it predates the human species itself. But the radius of reach of digital social networks, their capillarity and speed have no precedent.

Organized Lie and the Keys of the Bolsonarist Coup d’État Mentality 

Just as it happened with the failed Trumpist coup d'état of January 6, 2021, in Brazil, lies manufactured from above were incredibly taken as true and motivated actions from below.