One region, all voices


Navalny’s value

Freedom would be nothing more than a chimera today without figures like Navalny. It is up to us to ensure that this possibility does not become a reality.

Disinformation as a global risk in 2024: novelty or tradition?   

The phenomenon of disinformation is nothing new. What distinguishes it today is the omnipresent presence of the Internet and social networks, which have radically transformed the way we access information.

Collective solutions for an interconnected world

We are all part of a greater interconnected system and need to frame our problems in real-world contexts. It is all interconnected — the climate, our environments, and our health, nothing can be tackled in isolation. 

When political polarization reaches the pocketbook

If partisan sympathies or antipathies regulate affections and stiffen worldviews, models of society and prognoses about the future in such opposing ways, it should come as no surprise that every aspect of life becomes a trench.

What is it to be of the left today?

The governments of López Obrador, Gustavo Petro, Lula da Silva, Luis Arce and Gabriel Boric are considered leftists, but do they really have anything in common?

State inability threatens democracy in the region

2022 was the sixth consecutive year of democratic regression. This persistent decline raises crucial questions about the viability and sustainability of democratic values on a global scale and the challenges facing the current political landscape.