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International policy

Biden Should Undo Trump’s Mistakes in Latin America

The presence in Latin America of China, Iran, Russia or any other non-Western actor need not be the sole purpose of U.S. foreign policy toward Latin America.

Lula and the Global South agenda: peace and sustainable development

Lula's government is working to reverse the setback of Brazil's main strategy, hopefully resuming Brazil's leading role in Latin America.

Afro-Latin American proposals for people of African descent around the world

It is essential to strengthen solidarity among peoples of the African Diaspora and promote diplomacy among states.

China: the next electricity owner in Latin America

Of all the companies that China bought, entirely or partially, in Latin America between 2017 and 2021, 71% are in the electricity sector.

The legacy of Saavedra Lamas, the first Latin American Nobel Prize

Carlos Saavedra Lamas, a distinguished Argentine jurist, academic and politician, contributed to the development of a Latin American tradition of international law in defense of security, justice and the rejection of the use of force.

Putin and the four Latinos

Vladimir Putin's relations with Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Bolivia are not based on ideological issues but on economic matters.