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The González Case and the Paradoxes of Freedom of Expression

The lawsuit against Google is before the U.S. Supreme Court. If the court rules against the company, the values on which the culture of free speech rights has been built could be rethought.

Messi: (de)territorialization of celebration and social networks

Messi has been so politically correct throughout his career, meticulously avoiding any kind of political statement, that his acceptance as a global commodity has been natural.

The Renewal of Twitter and Disinformation

The digital public square is in a crisis due to economic reasons and tensions over content moderation, so the dreaded renewal is inevitable.

Guacamaya: Hacktivists from the Global South

In 2022, the hacktivist group has breached police and military information systems in Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico and Peru and companies in several countries in the region.

Russian Twiplomacy in Latin America

Through the official account of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Spanish, a propagandistic war-nostalgic and diplomatically alternative narrative to NATO has been disseminated.