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Hate Speech: a Challenge for Democratic Coexistence

The prominence that these hate speeches have achieved is worrying because, among other things, it amplifies the visibility and resonance of already existing prejudices and contributes to the deterioration of social coexistence.

Milei versus Petro and López Obrador: a quarrelsome diplomacy

Social networks and unscrupulous leaders make for an explosive combination and can be a further factor in the erosion of relations between countries, as shown by the fight over X between Argentine President Javier Milei and his Colombian and Mexican counterparts.

From Bernays to Milei: The fight against “the caste” as the new “torch of freedom”

The Argentinean president has not lost the ability to set the agenda and establish deep connections with his electorate and justifies the adjustments to free the country from "the caste". For now, this "war" overcomes pocketbook constraints.

Progressivism can defend the Palestinian people without falling into anti-Semitism

The struggle against anti-Semitism must be a fundamental part of progressive demands, as must be the struggle against Islamophobia, the occupation of the West Bank and the violation of the rights of the Palestinian people.

When political polarization reaches the pocketbook

If partisan sympathies or antipathies regulate affections and stiffen worldviews, models of society and prognoses about the future in such opposing ways, it should come as no surprise that every aspect of life becomes a trench.

2024: Polarization, Democracy and Elections

2024 will be a defining year for democracy in the region. El Salvador, Panama, Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay will elect a new president and will be responsible for shaping the political trend in Latin America.