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Pix and its innovations for the payment sector in Brazil

Pix, Brazil's leading digital payment system, has revolutionized the market and could become the main means of payment in the medium term.

Technology facilitates Mexicans voting from abroad

The growing migratory flows have made it necessary to rethink constitutional and legal frameworks for political participation.

Innovations in the financial market

The use of new technological tools and processes is advancing quickly and ensures the competitiveness of organizations.

Technology and the future of payment methods

The world is becoming increasingly technological and, reflecting a more connected society, consumers are looking for convenience and agility when making monetary transactions.

The climate crisis requires transferring technology

Co-author Leonardo E. Stanley Clean technology has evolved. Not only is it feasible to produce renewable energy on a large scale, it is also more cost-effective. But the cost of a wind turbine installed in Patagonia is much higher than one installed in Dusseldorf.