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Uruguay is not an island

Uruguay is experiencing the main political crisis since the restoration of democracy in 1985, and the trigger is so scandalous that for the serene and orderly country it sounds almost like fiction.

A socially constructed water crisis in Uruguay

Coauthor Micaela Trimble Since the end of April, more than half of Uruguayans have faced water problems in quantity and quality.

Uruguay in the turbulent regional context: an example to follow or an exception to the rule?

Lula da Silva's inauguration was attended by heads of state and government from all over the world. Uruguay was represented by President Luis Lacalle Pou, who was accompanied by former presidents Julio María Sanguinetti and José "Pepe" Mujica.

Uruguay seeks FTA with China facing a paralyzed Mercosur

The announcement by the Uruguayan president that a feasibility study would be initiated to sign an FTA with China has drawn national and regional political attention.

Uruguay’s agenda for Mercosur

In the last decade Brazil has been losing regional protagonism and several presidents have tried to fill this void. All have failed. In the face of economic disintegration and political fragmentation in South America, Uruguay's president is trying to lead an agenda aimed at making Mercosur more flexible.

The pandemic and the arguments for Uruguay’s success

America is the pandemic’s world epicenter but there is one exception: Uruguay. However, the arguments presented in this and other articles, as well as by the government and the opposition do not explain the reality of the country. The fundamental causes of the miracle may have little to do with Charrúa merit.