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Dhayana Fernández Matos

Politóloga y abogada. Profesora de la Univ. Central de Venezuela e investigadora de la Univ. Simón Bolívar (Colombia). Responsable de la línea Género, Liderazgo y Participación de la Red HILA. Miembro de la Red de Politólogas.

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The two Corinas and the Venezuelan electoral political system

Recently, the international community has witnessed the violation of political rights in Venezuela during the process of registration of candidacies for the presidential election.

Women, political rights, and inequalities: Where are we in Latin America?

In Latin America there is still a long road ahead to achieve the desired parity, but women are still fighting; we continue leading, marching, demonstrating, participating, talking, agreeing and insisting that political spaces are spaces for women.