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Leonardo Stanley

Investigador Asociado del Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad - CEDES (Buenos Aires). Autor de “Latin America Global Insertion, Energy Transition, and Sustainable Development", Cambridge University Press, 2020.

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Options and opportunities facing the crisis: when paths diverge

Crises challenge and imply the occurrence of critical moments. They reflect a road full of risks, but also of opportunities. Like driving on a road, we observe multiple signs.

Davos, “forum of socialism”: the rise of the far right and the extractivist discourse

Every year, from January 15 to 19, Davos brings together the world's leading businesspersons and CEOs. The event also brings together political representatives from...

Energy transition in times of climate obscurity

Milei persists in his denialism and entrusting the oil sector with the transition design, which could leave the country stuck with investments in a sector that faces strong financial risks.