One region, all voices


Uruguay is not an island

Uruguay is experiencing the main political crisis since the restoration of democracy in 1985, and the trigger is so scandalous that for the serene and orderly country it sounds almost like fiction.

Income concentration increases and poverty persists

Economic activity in the countries of the region is stagnant and deteriorating. Inequality continues to increase.

Argentina: a harsh second ballot

Argentina, in the midst of a serious economic and social crisis, found its political crisis almost beyond measure.

Elections in Argentina: a campaign that empowers Milei and Massa

Just as the internal elections made it clear that the extremists triumphed, we could also assume that centripetal forces will operate in a general contest.

Between exhaustion and the uncertainty of change 

A new political cycle will begin in Argentina on December 10. How can we understand this true electoral earthquake?

Energy transition in times of climate obscurity

Milei persists in his denialism and entrusting the oil sector with the transition design, which could leave the country stuck with investments in a sector that faces strong financial risks.