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Organized crime

Cybercrime: how to fight against cyberfraud

Sophisticated criminal networks are using cyberspace to commit new crimes against people carrying out their daily activities virtually.

Transnational organized crime: How to address the globalization of the illegal economy in Latin America?

The fight against organized crime is one of the most pressing and complex challenges to global security. In recent decades, the evolution and continuous...

Haiti: 20 years later the international community follows the same path that led the country to its current tragedy

CARICOM proposes a Provisional Presidential Council with 7 members from different political groups and that all members of this Council agree with a "non-UN" mission approved by the UN Security Council.

Ecuador: War, Courts and Power

The precarious calm of the country after the decree already gives the president very high support. With a doubled legislative majority, Noboa relaunches neoliberal austerity and the search for mining investments, invoking the costs of peace.

Between debt and helplessness: an X-ray of “gota a gota” loans

The implementation of regulations, the promotion of financial education and the strengthening of the formal economy are essential to counteract the negative effects of the gota a gota loans and move toward safer societies.

The government of Ecuador declares war on terrorism

A month after Daniel Noboa took office, the latest events of insecurity and violence are testing the president's ability to confront this declared war on organized crime.