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Organized crime

Between debt and helplessness: an X-ray of “gota a gota” loans

The implementation of regulations, the promotion of financial education and the strengthening of the formal economy are essential to counteract the negative effects of the gota a gota loans and move toward safer societies.

The government of Ecuador declares war on terrorism

A month after Daniel Noboa took office, the latest events of insecurity and violence are testing the president's ability to confront this declared war on organized crime.

Crisis and narcoterrorism in Ecuador: from “good living” to trying to survive

The weakening of the state, the absence of a social safety net and an adverse economic environment have made Ecuador extremely vulnerable to organized crime. The growing presence of drug trafficking has plunged the country into a spiral of violence and instability.

Crime barons in the U.S.-Mexico bilateral relation

Relations between the two countries have been marked by the production and distribution of fentanyl in Mexico for U.S. consumers.

A worrisome political scenario ahead of Mexico’s elections

In this electoral process, there is a belligerent actor: organized crime, which every day in several states is making its mark with assaults, arson and extortion.

The Fate of Presidential Candidates Who Challenged Drug Trafficking

A scourge that has been threatening the validity of the state and its institutions in the region for decades.