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Cristina Kirchner

For Cristina Kirchner, the day that would never come has arrived

This is not the first time a former president has been convicted in Argentina, but there are also significant differences with previous cases.

Cristina de Kirchner’s sentence opens a new chapter in Argentine politics

Cristina de Kirchner announced that she will never again be a candidate for anything. But beyond the real meaning of this resignation, the sentence opens an uncertain political panorama in Argentina.

Cristina is not Lula

Cristina tries to convince Argentines that Kirchnerism and Lulism are similar, but her efforts to polarize society reveal many more similarities with Bolsonarism.

Cristina Kirchner attacks the Judiciary before the imminent end of her own trial

The mega-case targeting Kirchnerism has already been going on for six years and is coming to an end. Beyond the condemnations that may arise from this verdict, it will cause a major political impact on the country.