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Judicial system

Judicial Elections and Bolivia’s Fragile Rule of Law

The Bolivian justice system is rife with interim nominations, uncertainty in the appointment of high magistrates, questionable designation of judges and prosecutors, and deficiencies in the criminal justice system.

For the sake of Brazilian democracy, the reappointment of the prosecutor general must be ended

If the possibility of reappointment continue, Brazil will return to the same dilemma from time to time: excessive independence or lack of autonomy, two extremes that are disastrous to democracy.

Judges also make politics

The recognition of the political role of the courts and supreme courts is due to the democratization processes that led to constitutional reforms to affirm political, social, economic and cultural rights.

For Cristina Kirchner, the day that would never come has arrived

This is not the first time a former president has been convicted in Argentina, but there are also significant differences with previous cases.