One region, all voices

Summit of the Americas

A migration pact for the Americas proposed by the U.S.?

Human mobility was at the top of the agenda, probably, due to concerns within the U.S. domestic politics, considering the political campaign for the midterm elections.

A viable regional migration pact?

The question is whether this new approach to migration management in the United States and in the countries of the region will have the institutional capacity to reduce the central role of human smugglers and their logic of corruption.

Tumultuous Summits

Co-author Max Povse and Fernando Pedrosa Presidential diplomacy in Latin America generates impact and debates that, although they are unlikely to produce profound changes, show a snapshot of the region's situation.

Traps for Washington at the Summit of the Americas

In the face of China's commercial primacy in South America and the Silk Road initiatives, it seems counterproductive for the United States to once again adopt a strategy of instrumentalizing regimes favorable to its own interests.

Joe Biden’s Summit of the Americas

The implementation of the Latin America strategy so far can by no means be described as a clear reversal from Trump's era and its harsh practices.

Summits are unnecessary when democratic credibility is sacrificed

After a four-year break, a Summit is once again being organized, but Joe Biden's administration prepared it late and poorly.