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The inseparable connections among climate change, migration, and the environment

The affected people, predominantly from the global South, in their attempt to reach the United States or Europe, may inadvertently contribute to additional environmental concerns along their route, particularly in vital areas to the ongoing efforts to fight against climate change.

Every hour 37 Venezuelans crossed the Darien in 2023 

As of August 2023, 7.71 million Venezuelans had massively emigrated, a phenomenon that began to be registered notably in 2015. The vast majority of them are based in countries in the region.

The construction of the “immigrant hero” as a way of belonging

What impact has the consolidation of "immigrant hero" narratives on the collective dimension of migration struggles, on the production of gaps, as well as on immigrant rights?

Milei and Migration Governance: Three Scenarios for Argentina and South America

Although migration was not a central issue during Milei's campaign, his victory has raised concerns about the future of migration governance in Argentina and South America. These are the three scenarios that open up.

Why do Peruvians want to leave the country?

So far in 2023, the number of Peruvians leaving the country and not returning has quadrupled compared to previous years.

What’s happening with migrant processing centers in Latin America?

The migrant processing centers outside the United States are not only overwhelmed, but have also failed to stem the flow of migrants along the risky routes.