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Social rights

Maximum available resources: a key standard for the right to care

When the gender approach is not considered in macroeconomic policies, it is women who end up cushioning the impact of crises through unpaid domestic and care work.

Climate mitigation depends on connecting policies to personal well-being

It is urgent to move towards a net zero emissions agenda by 2050 based on public policies that impact society on a large scale.

The Pandemic and its Effects on Labor Informality

Three million businesses have closed during the pandemic, affecting both formal and informal employment. With the recovery of activity, some 7.5 million people are expected to join the huge pool of Latin Americans working without social security.

The welfare that eludes us

Latin America has been one of the regions hardest hit by the pandemic, both from a health and socioeconomic point of view. Its impact...

Covid-19 and the Abolition of the Social Sphere in Brazil

The Australian think-tank Lowy Institute conducted a survey on the response capacity of countries to the pandemic, including, among other parameters, the number of confirmed cases and deaths. According to the ranking, Brazil is in the worst position among the 98 countries.