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Ideologies: Walls to Latin America’s Development

Today we are experiencing a resurgent economic consensus in the United States, which strengthens state involvement in the economy.

Lithium policy and the role of the state in Chile

President Gabriel Boric announced on April 20 the new lithium policy that, in his words, will guide Chile towards a new development model.

Climate change and sustainable development: narrative and altruism

In climate subjects, despite the fact that scientific knowledge is resounding, some insist on alternative narratives.

An environmental agenda for Peru

Co-author Deborah Delgado After more than two decades of intensification of extractive activities in Peru, the affected rural areas show no improvement or increase in services, but rather a growing distrust of the centralist state.

Pathways for Haiti’s development

Co-author Robson Dias da Silva The first Latin American country to become a republic, Haiti is one of the poorest in the world. Nearly two-thirds of its population survives on subsistence agriculture geared to the domestic market.

ECLAC respected but not heard

There has always been a gap between ECLAC's thinking and the governments' public policies, but this gap widens from less to more, depending on the time. However, decision makers need to be more open to ECLAC thinking.