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El Salvador

New Mexican-style PRI in El Salvador?

In a country where insecurity made life unbearable, brutality against alleged criminals and signs of authoritarianism are not only accepted, but even translated into votes.

Voting for fear of revenge

In El Salvador, democracy can no longer be understood in its original sense, as a system with counterweights that would allow for divergent opinions. With the current absolute majority in the Legislative Assembly, the separation of powers has been eliminated.

Bukele: Another Illegal Reelection in Central America

Inexorably, Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele is calmly heading towards his unconstitutional reelection as he controls the state apparatus, including the legislative and judicial branches.

An atypical electoral campaign in El Salvador

Everything is ready for February 4 with an official propaganda surrounded by words such as "democratic process" and where a clear winner could be anticipated: Nayib Bukele.

October 26: the Salvadoran 18 Brumaire

Two thousand years ago, Polybius stated that upright regimes tend to degenerate over time. Not only democracy, but also democracy.

The Bukele Method

A political experiment is underway that could give the country a "soft power" at the international level that it has never had before.