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Consequences of Disinformation in Society

Disinformation is a central issue for people, and can even have implications for physical health.

Appearances in the Post-Truth Era

Misinformation is so old that it predates the human species itself. But the radius of reach of digital social networks, their capillarity and speed have no precedent.

Democracy hacked? The disappearance of the others

We are witnessing a new blindness to the facts, because the truth is reduced to the subjective impression of each one and becomes the supreme truth for each one without confrontation with factuality.

Scientists can help to rebuild confidence in… science!

The distance between science and local communities generates a huge disconnection that sometimes materializes in dehumanized policies. This process has created an enormous distrust of science in many sectors of society.

The truth of lies

Seven out of ten Latin Americans do not detect a fake news from a real one on the Internet. Despite the advances in communication and information technologies, today we are lost in the middle of an ocean of misinformation and everything points to the fact that the storm that this generates will not abate.

Fake News and Pandemic

Co-author Fernanda Veggetti The 2020’s pandemic is not the first one that humanity has experienced, nor will it be the last one. At least, that's what experts say. What is new is that this plague coincides with the greatest period of interconnectivity that we have experienced as a species.