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Ukrainian War

Argentina: General Milani goes to war

Milani recently has surprised by his comments on the war in Ukraine and his enthusiastic support for both the Russian invasion and Vladimir Putin.

Between principles and “nonalignment”

Latin America, in general, joined the position of the global South regarding the war in Ukraine and even the reflection on active nonalignment has arisen.

One Year of War: Latin America and the Kremlin’s Narrative

In Latin America, positions that frankly support or minimize criticism about the Kremlin's agenda are in good health.

Ukraine, one year later: perspectives of the conflict

Every day this war is protracted increases the moral responsibility on the international community as a whole.

Ukraine divides Latin America and the EU, hindering a strategic partnership

The war in Ukraine divides the EU and Latin America. What from a Latin American perspective seems a matter of political choice, for Europe is a matter of necessity.

Independent media or journalists facing the war in Ukraine?

If what we are looking for is an authentic editorial independence, it will be easier to find it among journalists rather than in the media.