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Fabián Bosoer

Cientista político y periodista. Editor jefe de la sección Opinión de Clarín. Prof. de la Univ. Nac. de Tres de Febrero, la Univ. Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) y FLACSO-Argentina. Autor de "Detrás de Perón" (2013) y "Braden o Perón. La historia oculta" (2011).

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Milei versus Petro and López Obrador: a quarrelsome diplomacy

Social networks and unscrupulous leaders make for an explosive combination and can be a further factor in the erosion of relations between countries, as shown by the fight over X between Argentine President Javier Milei and his Colombian and Mexican counterparts.

Bolsonaro, Lula, Bonaparte and Malaparte

Sixty years after the coup of 1964, the judicial investigation that compromises Bolsonaro he uses to campaign, follow the "Trump2024 style manual", reverse the burden of proof, accuse the Judiciary of persecuting him and seek to take revenge against his successor.

Milei: an unprecedented and uncertain experience

Since Javier Milei took office, Argentina has been going through an unprecedented experience of a government with hyper-presidential styles.