One region, all voices


On the side of freedom

The success of the new Argentine government will depend on the ability of the center-right to bring governance and good sense to the incoming administration.

Renewing the center-right in Latin America

The center-right tends to be more demanding than the center-left when it comes to association with those who emerge from its more extreme side.

The fragility of the second wave of leftist governments in the region

The vision of a second red tide in Latin America resulted from a simplified reading of the political systems' complexity that emerged from the last elections.

Argentina: Ayn Rand and Milei’s novel

Political ideas often take a form of disruptive narratives or alternative worldviews inspired by authors such as Ayn Rand.

Climate Change Deniers Harm Right-Wing Politics’ Image in the Eyes of the Market

The risks posed by global warming have become an unavoidable focus of the financial market, which is projected through what is known as "green finance".

The dangerous ambiguity of the São Paulo Forum

The left-wing dictatorships in the region represent the consolidation of the objectives shared by the Forum's members.