One region, all voices

Regional integration

UNASUR: from Magical Regionalism to Pragmatic Regionalism

Despite statements and studies supposedly showing that UNASUR is alive, there are no signs of resurgence or life.

What, How and Why South American Regionalism

South American regionalism is facing a complex situation. Despite the expectations generated by the return of Lula da Silva in Brazil, there is still a lack of clarity.

The presidential meeting in Brasília and the recomposition of UNASUR

After almost a decade, 11 presidents have met in Brasília with the purpose of restarting regional dialogue, reviewing the cooperation agenda and establishing the programmatic bases of a renewed UNASUR.

UNASUR: second parts were never good

In his third presidential mandate, Lula has begun to rebuild the path of his previous terms regarding foreign policy.

Lula’s Government and Latin American Integration

The time has come to promote South American regionalism. What is at stake is the reversal or deepening of the region peripheralization in the international scenario.

Deciphering the ‘Sur’: a new common South American currency

The 'Sur' would be an accounting instrument rather than a tangible currency. It would therefore be an index whose value would always be different from that of its component currencies and would be calculated based on a basket of the same currencies and/or commodities.