One region, all voices

pink wave

Changing societies… old leaderships?

Much has changed in Latin America in the 21st century, a period marked by a pendulum cycle of ideologies: first the left governed, then the right and now the left again.

The fragility of the second wave of leftist governments in the region

The vision of a second red tide in Latin America resulted from a simplified reading of the political systems' complexity that emerged from the last elections.

Will this be a fleeting leftist wave?

Today Latin America is probably the main reference point for the left in the world. But it is uncertain how long this new wave of leftist governments that have been succeeding each other recently will last.

New Left turn in Latin America, which Left?

If Lula da Silva's electoral victory in Brazil is confirmed, we will be facing a scenario in which the five main economies of the region will be governed by the left.

Second pink wave: a new stage?

Conceiving a new pink wave that picks up on the previous one without further self-criticism and adaptations will lead to inferior results compared to the first one, and to a shorter survival.