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Sebastián Godínez Rivera

Cientista Político. Graduado en la Universidad Nacional Autônoma de México (UNAM). Diplomado en periodismo por la Escuela de Periodismo Carlos Septién.

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Electoral Messianism: Religion and Politics

Religion has become an instrument to reconquer voters' faith, merging with populism to sanctify politics and transform the relationship between citizens and leaders.

Militarism, militarization and civilians 

Democratic erosion is not limited to the emergence of populist leaders, declining voter turnout and support for authoritarian figures. In several Latin American countries, the growing influence of the military over civilian power is increasingly observed.

Indefinite reelection: sentences that shaped autocracies

Several governments have used the human rights argument to open the door to indefinite reelection. But these are mainly personalistic and authoritarian leaders where the checks and balances of the democratic system have been captured or eroded.

2024: Polarization, Democracy and Elections

2024 will be a defining year for democracy in the region. El Salvador, Panama, Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico and Uruguay will elect a new president and will be responsible for shaping the political trend in Latin America.

Judicial power under threat

Many presidents in the region have launched attacks against institutions that do not align with their orbit of power. The judiciary is one of them.