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Luis Pásara

Sociólogo del derecho. Ha estudiado los sistemas de justicia en América Latina, asunto sobre el cual ha publicado extensamente. Ha ejercido la docencia en Perú, España, Argentina y México. Es senior fellow de Due Process of Law Foundation.

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Weakness in the forces of change

Conservatives are advancing and reaping victories through the electoral route. Bukele's hegemony in El Salvador and Milei's victory in Argentina are signs in the region. Moreover, the possibility of Trump's reelection may lead to a global cycle change.

What is it to be of the left today?

The governments of López Obrador, Gustavo Petro, Lula da Silva, Luis Arce and Gabriel Boric are considered leftists, but do they really have anything in common?

Why do Peruvians want to leave the country?

So far in 2023, the number of Peruvians leaving the country and not returning has quadrupled compared to previous years.