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Transdisciplinary science is key to achieving sustainability

Coauthors Camellia Kodia, Jihye Hwang, Rebecca Barnes Transdisciplinary science seeks integrated effort of different actors to create joint and diverse solutions that can be applied to reality and generate broad, comprehensive and inclusive knowledge.

Brazilian maritime space, sustainable and responsible for 20% of GDP, lacks investment

The Brazilian coast has significant potential for renewable energy generation, including wind, solar, ocean current and wave energy.

What politics must address on environmental matter

It is unavoidable to rethink our societies' development models and incorporate environmental issues into the political agenda.

World Environment Day: 50 years after its creation

Coauthor María Inés Carabajal Due to the negative effects that began to become evident in the 1960s, the first international conversations on the environment started in 1972.

Temperatures will reach record levels in the next five years

The idea of climate justice is a central axis around which integrated adaptation and mitigation measures must be created in order to achieve resilient development.

Integrated Water Resources Management for Sustainable Development

Coauthor Alexander Esquivel López Adequate management of water resources is essential to promote compatibility between economic and social uses and environmental functions, in order to achieve sustainable use.