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El Salvador: a desired lie

The Bukele family executes a multimillion-dollar expenditure on armies of developers dedicated to multiplying official propaganda on social networks and shutting down dissonant voices.

Elections in El Salvador: experiences and challenges

The certainty of an electoral process is based on generating inputs that contribute to electoral integrity, where authorities, civil society and the international community can guarantee the transparency of the process. However, this is only one of the requirements of a democracy.

New Mexican-style PRI in El Salvador?

In a country where insecurity made life unbearable, brutality against alleged criminals and signs of authoritarianism are not only accepted, but even translated into votes.

Indefinite reelection: sentences that shaped autocracies

Several governments have used the human rights argument to open the door to indefinite reelection. But these are mainly personalistic and authoritarian leaders where the checks and balances of the democratic system have been captured or eroded.

Navalny’s value

Freedom would be nothing more than a chimera today without figures like Navalny. It is up to us to ensure that this possibility does not become a reality.

Preludes of an authoritarian winter in Latin America?

Today's democratic fractures are not manifested through military coups or the abrupt closure of parliaments. We are facing subtle and progressive institutional ruptures, backed by populist discourses based on disinformation amplified by social networks.