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Political crisis

Latin America’s resilient democracies

The democratic paradigm was installed in Latin America with greater aplomb than in other regions during the third wave of democratization. But it is currently suffering from corruption, drug trafficking, the far right, authoritarian leftists and inequality.

A glimmer of hope breaks through Guatemala’s crumbling institutions

In Guatemala, there is a glimmer of hope after the darkness of the last governments, still expectations must be cautious.

Guatemala: between blockades and trenches

Guatemala is experiencing tensions not seen for several decades, where the traditional political class has stretched the rope to the point it seems to be on the verge of bursting.

Inevitable social upheaval in Peru

President Dina Boluarte's speeches and the efforts of her team have not been enough to prevent the Peruvian population from expressing their dissatisfaction with national politics.

Guatemalans and their dysfunctional political system face off on the ballot

In recent times, all governments have represented, to a greater or lesser extent, the interests of a privileged class of businesspeople and corrupt politicians.

Lasso dissolves Ecuador’s Assembly

The Ecuadorian president's decision to dissolve the Assembly took place in a context of a generalized insecurity crisis, a high unemployment rate and an ongoing conflict with members of Congress.