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Cuba: Voting under dictatorship

In a dictatorship, elections serve as an ornament for the formal validation of the authoritarian government.

A new electoral simulation in Cuba

The election will be regulated by the 1992 Electoral Law, which allows for emulating elections in a regime where all major political decisions are made by the Communist Party elite.

Daniel Ortega’s pressure cooker

Today there is no dissent allowed in Nicaragua. For how long this situation can be maintained?

What we know and what we ignore about democracy

If we take into account Polybius we would know that democracy is not necessarily displaced by autocracy, it is usually transformed into demagogy.

Ortega: Electoral Observation and the Spoils of Democracy

The suppression of qualified electoral observation is a consequence of Nicaragua's democratic decline. The observation missions were among the actors who warned about the progressive evolution of Ortega's offensive.

Ortega’s fear of nuns and a prescient WikiLeaks cable

The government has cancelled more than 950 NGOs, medical and educational associations, social works of the Catholic Church, and social and community development projects that support active citizenship, with the aim of installing a totalitarian regime.