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Ariel Sribman Mittelman

Politólogo y Doctor en Ciencia Política por la Universidad de Salamanca. Especializado en la sucesión del poder y la vicepresidencia en América Latina.

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What are the economic prospects for Latin America?

The Financial Times recently presented a five-point map for understanding the global economy in 2024: demographics, climate change, technological progress, knowledge diffusion and economic growth. This map does not forecast an easy year for the region.

Before the vice president, we only have questions

One fateful day in the late 18th century, the American Founding Fathers decided to invent a hitherto unheard-of figure: the vice presidency.

October 26: the Salvadoran 18 Brumaire

Two thousand years ago, Polybius stated that upright regimes tend to degenerate over time. Not only democracy, but also democracy.