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Will the elimination of student loans reduce inequality in higher education?

In Chile, during the last few weeks, the discussion on the elimination of student loans (CAE) has returned to the forefront in the context of the constitutional debate and the approval of the 2024 Budget.

Internet and School Violence

Coauthors Bruno Ferreira and Ester Athanásio According to a recent survey, hate speech spread on the Internet has increased in Brazil, with special emphasis on religious discrimination, xenophobia and neo-Nazism.

Which universities contribute the most to achieving the SDGs?

Measuring university progress on the SDGs can be a catalyst that permeates to other administrative and social levels of each country.

Manifesto for a New Science of Politics

To engage in politics, it is not necessary to study political science; however, to understand it scientifically and try to influence it, it is.

Inequality in higher education does not end with free tuition

Higher education in Chile has never been as massive and diverse as it is today, but inequality of access has remained stable.

We underestimate the impact of climate change on education

Co-author Carole Faucher Without school infrastructure or physical access to schools, students have fewer opportunities to create the relationships through which they can flourish.