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Social protest

University strike and federal march in Argentina

In a country where the society historically considers public education as an absolutely legitimate, appreciated and irreplaceable asset, any attack against it immediately mobilizes diverse social groups.

The Budget that unleashed rage in Guatemala

December 12 was the third consecutive Saturday of protests in Guatemala to demand the resignation of President Alejandro Giammatei and a profound reform of the country's political system. What began as a protest against the national budget ignited citizen anger.

Pandemic, Economy and Politics: A View from America

The pandemic continues. The growth of infections and the number of active people in Europe and America indicate that the disease is re-emerging in these areas. In some countries, the spread of the disease has not been significantly controlled and in recent weeks there has been a further increase.

Chile: about the end of a cycle and what is to come

The striking result of the Chilean plebiscite of October 25, 2020, which enshrined the popular option for a new Constitution to be drawn up by a Constituent Assembly elected exclusively for this purpose, carries several symbolisms. Above all, it ends a long period of submission of Chilean society to an illegitimate legal framework.

Social protest as an inseparable feature of democracy

One of the backbones of democracy is conflict. Humans are conflictive by nature, not violent, and democracy, through political parties, institutions and a whole regulatory cast of freedoms, guarantees, rights and duties, channels conflicts and resolves them in an institutionalized manner. However, in Colombia this does not happen.