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Chile: 50 years after the military coup

This commemoration shows us that we should improve the quality of politics. It was this issue that failed in 1973, and it is the same that is failing today.

Half a century after the coup d’état, divisions in Chile persist

Public opinion surveys reveal a context of antagonism that makes it difficult to take advantage of this commemoration to forge broad agreements that strengthen democracy.

Chile’s 9/11: Fifty Years Later

September 11, 1973, marked not only the violent end of a political process in Chile, which had to bear its dramatic imprint for decades, but also had a significant impact internationally.

A Reflection on the 50th Anniversary of the Military Coup in Chile

The commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the military coup in Chile invites us to reflect on the collapse of the republican, democratic and presidential order.

Not every presidential interruption is a coup d’état

The use of the concept of "coup d'état", beyond its political-constitutional conceptualization, tends to enter the realm of narrative.

Brasília, a copy of Washington

The invasion and destruction of the three branches of the Brazilian State institutional headquarters, which reside in the capital Brasília, is a reproduction of what happened in Washington two years ago.