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Presidencies under tutelage, between charisma and legal legitimacy

Charismatic leaders tend to surpass their governments and become engines of political projects, while those who assume power by legal means face the challenge of creating an aura of their own.

The challenge of strengthening democracy in the middle of a democratic backlash

Two of the basic conditions for a healthy democracy are at risk with the perception that governments are not really run by the will of the people and the lack of transparency and fairness in elections.

President Arevalo’s 100 days in Guatemala

Most countries that have faced autocratization processes have become autocracies despite intermediate democratic episodes. Therein lies the paramount importance of the government reaching consensus and remaining close to the people.

Absolutist presidencies

Populist authoritarian leaders seek to undermine the control mechanisms that limit their ability to accumulate power. Whether in presidential or parliamentary systems, their behavior resembles more that of absolute monarchs than that of democratically elected leaders.

Without growth there is no paradise

The current economic stagnation in the region has become the turning point for a development model that reached its peak after the end of the boom.

Main keys to the Panamanian presidential elections

Ricardo Martinelli led all polls for years. But after being disqualified by a sentence of more than 10 years in prison for money laundering, he was relieved by José Raúl Mulino, who is emerging as the probable winner.