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The return of the militarization of public security in Honduras

While "iron fist" policies are not a novelty in Honduras, but the decision to militarize public security and the implementation of this kind of measure have aroused the concern of the international community.

Xiomara Castro’s first year of government

Within the pro-government political forces, complaints are heard about the government's performance during this first year of mandate.

Xiomara Castro defeated in the Honduran Congress

The message from the president's partners in the government coalition is clear: governability depends on the stabilization of a coalition that includes the political partners and limits nepotism and unilateral decision-making.

Guatemalan garbage affects Honduran coastline

Masks, containers and all types of waste that have been washed down the Motagua River along the Guatemalan territory arrive in coastal and tourist areas of Honduras, especially during the rainy season.

Juan Orlando Hernández, a president in search of his destiny

Honduras and Nicaragua recently signed an agreement regarding sovereignty in the Gulf of Fonseca. This is Daniel Ortega's way of tacitly ignoring the ICJ ruling in The Hague and Juan Orlando Hernández's way of paving the way for the end of his term and the likely beginning of his international trial.

Honduras: Between electoral authoritarianism and a democratic recomposition

Next 28th, general elections will be held in Honduras. But, beyond choosing candidates, this election will determine whether the Central American country can continue to be considered -or not- as a country governed by a democratic regime.