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The return of the militarization of public security in Honduras

While "iron fist" policies are not a novelty in Honduras, but the decision to militarize public security and the implementation of this kind of measure have aroused the concern of the international community.

Presidential Militarism in Latin America

Over the last two decades, countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Venezuela have seen the militarization of various sectors of public administration.

Bukele militarizes municipalities to contain his popularity decline

For the government's opponents, this showy display is a new staging by the president, who is very adept at making grandiose gestures that, although attracting attention, do not guarantee any improvement in the insecurity situation.

The gradual militarization of Latin American politics

The dismantling of the State in several countries, the precarious public administration and an underdeveloped civil service have opened up a space for the military who enjoy the greatest trust from presidents with a leadership vocation.